Advertise on a Large Scale With Mobiles

Mobile phones have become an integral part of business. The ability to conference, catch important emails, return or make an important call, or access business files while on the move means never being “unprepared” or “out of touch”. But it isn’t just the working Joe that has benefited from the ability to constantly be available. Cell phones have changed drastically over the last several years and these changes have given every cell phone user ways to roam social networking sites, play games with other users over their wi-fi or 3g connection, and browse for newer, more exciting applications.

How many people can accurately be estimated to own a mobile phone? How many families? When looked at in terms of size, it is safe to say that each home has at least two cell phones. That calculates to billions of phones. Billions! Each of those phones is capable of browsing the web and the vast majority are capable of downloading and running software applications. But what other resources and options are available to companies because of this wide spread opportunity?

People learn and remember things by sight, sound, and hands on experience. The hands on experience is obviously covered and sound is pretty well in “hand” too. But cell phones offer users a vast array of information that is clearly visible. Shouldn’t companies take the opportunity to use this to their advantage? For years advertising has proven its ability to reach a wide range audience over television, radio, and physical signage. How much wider the range if billions of people are seeing that same advertising on their cell phones? The scope is almost mind boggling.

Mobile marketing is more integral to the success of a business than just about anything else. Certainly a business can’t go anywhere without employees – it can’t grow or thrive without people to ensure business goals are met. It can’t thrive without a driving force behind the wheel that is ready to meet and overcome obstacles. But a one man business can be just as successful as a multi million dollar business with the help of advertising. Taking this advertising to the next level by using the billions of cell phones people use ever day could benefit businesses on a whole new level. Android advertising is simply the next logical step to increasing customer base and awareness.