Boosting Sales With Mobile Real Estate Advertising

Mobile marketing is a great complement to your real estate advertising. Virtually everyone carries a cell phone. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for someone to have two active cell phones. Many of those cell phones have Internet access and the ability to install applications.

Cell Market By Country

Cell phone penetration in many countries (meaning, cell phones to population) is often north of 70% and commonly over 100%. 100% and above simply means there are more cell phones in that countries than people. Here is a short list of some recent percentages, according to Wikipedia:

China 67%
United States 96%
Russia 152%
United Kingdom 123%
Montenegro 192%
Japan 84%
South Korea 97%

As you can see from the list above, mobile advertising can be very lucrative. You might be wondering exactly how does this work. The answer to that question will depend on the cell phone’s capabilities. Does it have Internet access? Does it allow app installation? Is it an Android or iPhone? At a minimum, the cell phone should have Internet access. Below are some mediums for deliver ads on Internet enabled phones.

Mobile Ad Market by Platform

According to a 2011 Nielson Mobile Insights marketing report, cell manufacturer marketing broke down this like:

Android OS 50%
Apple iOS 25%
RIM Blackberry OS 15%
Microsoft Windows Mobile 7%
Palm/Web OS 2%
Symbian OS 1%

Android based phones and the iPhone are great platforms for installing applications. Targeting these two platforms alone brings 75% of the market to you. You might be wondering what kind of can I create that will be will want to install? And furthermore, how do I use it for advertising? To answer the first question, creating a blog on your website is a great way to drive interest to your mobile app. If you feed the mobile app with your blog, you won’t even have to worry about creating special content for the mobile apps Having great content on your blog will entice interest and almost ensure installations of your mobile app. Also, it’s best that your mobile app be free.

To answer the second question of how to advertise using the mobile app, simply install ads into the mobile app. Android and iPhone platforms allow using 3rd party ad providers. These ads can be targeted to specific categories and even locations. iPhone also have their on rich media version of ads named iAds. These ads are extremely interactive and integrate well with iPhone apps.

You will need to hire a developer to create these applications for you. However, many developers are now creating both Android and iPhone apps, allowing you to focus on one application company. It’s likely you may spend approximately $750 – $1500 on each app.

Google Mobile Ads

Most Internet enabled cell phones can search the web, commonly using Google. You can purchase mobile ads through Google and maintain them through Google’s website. These ads can also be located targeted. Great for your real estate advertising campaigns.