GPS, Android and Wireless Advertising – Where is Google Headed?

Google now has the ability to make more money than any other business on the planet. Over the last few years, they have been working on a handful of new projects and technologies, that when put together, will give them the ability to control almost all cell phone advertising in the world.

Over the last few years, Google has spent a ton of time and money on their “Local Business” and “Local Search” projects. Those projects in turn have been paired with a project to scan all of the world maps and enter their GPS locations. When those projects were all blended together, they created the ability for a local business to target their AdSense advertising on Google and Google’s publisher network to a specific distance around their business’s GPS location.

During the time Google was building and perfecting their local search and GPS mapping capabilities, they were also holding multimillion dollar contests for new applications for a wireless platform called Android. Google’s Android, unlike Microsoft’s cell phone platform, is free to cell phone manufacturers. So, over the next few years, we can expect that most of the current cell phone manufacturing companies will switch over to the Android wireless platform. One of the benefits of this for the cellular companies, besides the cost savings, is that Google will also share a percentage of the income from the application downloaded to a cell company’s customer’s cell phones.

When all of this is live and working next year, you will get a new service that I’m calling “Push Advertising”. Google will have the ability to push ads to your cell phone based on its GPS location, the time of day, and your browsing and buying habits.

An example of Push Advertising would be to send a coffee ad to your cell phone at 7:15 in the morning when you drive within a half mile of Starbucks. If you go in and scan the code on your cell phone, then you’d get money off and Google would get paid for the completed sale. They could then do the same thing at lunch time, dinner time, and when you drive by the video store on your way home from work.

The long term outlook for this type of advertising, married with the free Android platform, is going to give Google the ability to Push Ads to 6 billion cell phones around the world, on a daily basis, in the next decade, making them the wealthiest company on the planet. Welcome to the new world of Push Advertising.