Local Mobile Advertising – Android Phones Vs iPhone and the Winner Is You!

You know the old saying “history repeats itself”? Well I can’t help but marvel at how the cool, hipster kid Apple is once again going to have his butt kicked by an open architecture bully. The only difference 20 years later is that it’s not the Mac that’s going to get stomped, it’s the iPhone and it’s not the PC doing the bullying, it’s Android.

Millenium Media’s most recent ad serving data shows that Android is already landing some good blows (they cite that android ad requests are up 1280% since January, 2010) against the iPhone and it won’t be long (I estimate 12-18 months) till the bully has routed the little fella and sent him home to mommy.

Why This is Important to You

Unlike the Mac vs. PC wars which did little to help you grow your business, the iPhone vs. Android war means more smartphones in the hands of consumers and that means that YOUR business will be the ultimate winner. It’s no secret that mobile marketing, searching and advertising are beginning to drive significant amounts of off-line business volume. This will only continue to grow as more smartphones combine with greater 3G and 4G coverage to deliver the power of mobile to the hands of your customers.

Whether it is consumers viewing your mobile optimized site or your paid advertising, more smartphones = more customers = more profits. IF you have taken the steps necessary to develop an effective mobile presence.

Still sitting on your duff and watching the mobile revolution pass you by? Well, that is NOT going to bring in new customers!