Android Advertising – A New Booming Advertisement Method of Mobile Advertising

These days, usage of mobile phones has become a necessity and a common staple in our lives. With the growing popularity among the consumers, people are using mobile phones for various purposes than just for communication. Mobile phones are used as a source of information, various entertainment opportunities and also for socialising purposes. The new range of Android-based phone has initiated a hot trend among the consumers that has extended the usage far beyond than just regular mobile internet access.

These Android applications are used for task organizing and various other purposes including mobile marketing. With a variety of useful advertising applications, Android mobile advertising applications encourage the users to click and learn more about the product or service. Today, Android is an industry leader in mobile advertising and helps thousands of marketers to reach numerous prospective clients through Android advertising campaigns.

Recently, the Android platform for mobile phones has become a popular mobile phone advertising operating system worldwide. Based on a free and open source software system, Android advertising campaigns can be easily implemented on various mobile devices on a variety of networks connecting numerous users. While the Android platform is still considered to be in its infancy, its success across the world has opened up a new era for its growth while encouraging the marketers to use these applications to advertise on different hand-held devices.

Fortunately, the mobile phone advertising has been supported from different SEO marketing leaders including the Google. Recently, based on consumer feedback and opinions certain reports state that, it is a feasible and fast way to advertise on Android through mobile format website ads. These specially designed ads are particularly for the mobile browsers and work flawlessly just as the advertising ads on a computer browser.

In 2009, new features of Android advertising have been introduced by Google in the sector of mobile marketing. One such exciting feature is the materialization of in-app advertisements involved in mobile marketing method. The specially designed applications are exclusively for the mobile devices and provide all sorts of information and entertainment for users of the Android operating system while advertising the products.

Apart from the simple Android based ads there are various types of multi-panel banners as well. These banners can animate multiple ads together along with full screen expandable ads while including some video files for advertisement. Android advertising offers a number of feasible options for the users. Hence, it is easy for the users to choose any of the advertising options for their business to advertise successfully among the clients.

GPS, Android and Wireless Advertising – Where is Google Headed?

Google now has the ability to make more money than any other business on the planet. Over the last few years, they have been working on a handful of new projects and technologies, that when put together, will give them the ability to control almost all cell phone advertising in the world.

Over the last few years, Google has spent a ton of time and money on their “Local Business” and “Local Search” projects. Those projects in turn have been paired with a project to scan all of the world maps and enter their GPS locations. When those projects were all blended together, they created the ability for a local business to target their AdSense advertising on Google and Google’s publisher network to a specific distance around their business’s GPS location.

During the time Google was building and perfecting their local search and GPS mapping capabilities, they were also holding multimillion dollar contests for new applications for a wireless platform called Android. Google’s Android, unlike Microsoft’s cell phone platform, is free to cell phone manufacturers. So, over the next few years, we can expect that most of the current cell phone manufacturing companies will switch over to the Android wireless platform. One of the benefits of this for the cellular companies, besides the cost savings, is that Google will also share a percentage of the income from the application downloaded to a cell company’s customer’s cell phones.

When all of this is live and working next year, you will get a new service that I’m calling “Push Advertising”. Google will have the ability to push ads to your cell phone based on its GPS location, the time of day, and your browsing and buying habits.

An example of Push Advertising would be to send a coffee ad to your cell phone at 7:15 in the morning when you drive within a half mile of Starbucks. If you go in and scan the code on your cell phone, then you’d get money off and Google would get paid for the completed sale. They could then do the same thing at lunch time, dinner time, and when you drive by the video store on your way home from work.

The long term outlook for this type of advertising, married with the free Android platform, is going to give Google the ability to Push Ads to 6 billion cell phones around the world, on a daily basis, in the next decade, making them the wealthiest company on the planet. Welcome to the new world of Push Advertising.

Significance of Product Reviews When You Shop

Nobody hates shopping. All age groups like to shop though they have different wants and needs. It is a necessary thing to do for every individual to support his daily living. Everybody loves to shop in department stores and shopping malls.

Recently, consumers are becoming more specific and wise in purchasing variety of goods or products. Every shopper checks the items thoroughly first before buying it. However, at some point, we are being careless and spending too much in an item for the sake of having it. Watch your savings. Do not be impulsive in shopping. Take your time doing product reviews so that you won’t regret anything in the end.

To have an effective product review, search to the Internet about the product you want to procure. Internet has no limitations with regards to information dissemination. It has the latest updates about the availability of products in the market. Have a thorough research of the item and learn its features and benefits. You can also compare two or more brands with the same purpose. Have a brief and approximate review of those products before you will decide to finally choose one. You can have your checklist so that you will be able to compare the products’ features clearly. List the pros and cons of a particular product. There are available websites in the Internet where you can see the product’s rating. Today, buyers use search engines just to get the information that they need. You can also see some of the comments in the company’s website or even in personal blogs made by previous consumers.

When you are doing a product review, it is very essential that you are knowledgeable enough and well-informed about the product. Know the item in full details. The item you are looking for might be faced out already in the market or had been replaced with new upgraded item. Always verify the price and the shipping fee if you want to purchase it online via delivery.

Be aware that there are so many existing producers, manufacturers and companies who offer the public almost the same product. Product review can help consumers to select. All companies have their own and unique advertisements to promote their products. It will be a waste of time and money if consumer will buy different kinds of brands which only serve one purpose. That is why reviews will be of great help to consumers to help him come to a decision.

Be very careful when searching for product reviews online. Some are just bogus ideas or comments to encourage shoppers to go for that item. Double check the genuineness of the review. Global crisis is very prominent nowadays which affects our economy. It is not that easy to look and earn for money so be meticulous enough before spending your savings in a specific item especially if the item is a bit expensive.

Product reviews play an important role not only to consumers but also to the producers. Some deals are being made through an effective and efficient review.